Due to ecological factors, the progressive world develops and promotes renewable energy generation, as well as the recovery and reprocessing of used materials for new purposes, which protects the environment and promotes faster economic development.A great deal of attention is paid to all of these processes around the world, and it is a practice that we should promote using advanced scientific and technological achievements while preserving the cleanliness of our planet for future generations.

The ideas and principles employed in the operation of Phoenix Universe Ltd are to organize, coordinate and contribute to recycling used materials, while creating added value through scientific knowledge and the latest technology. Our goal is to connect high-tech processing companies, suppliers and researchers who are able to offer new technologies or improved technologies that have already existed before, in order to achieve the maximum return and, most importantly, to protect the environment.

Our company is looking for suppliers of unsorted materials, and carries out analytical and technical evaluations while providing sorting and recycling technologies. The unsorted materials of the suppliers are evaluated by means of knowledge (using scientists as consultants), and further, we coordinate everything with the most suitable processing company for the recycling of these materials, and then enter into a contract for the sorting and processing of the materials.

Recycling materials from the electronics, glass,chemistry industries,plastic,metals scrap, and various ores, i.e., anything that will gain value after being sorted and processed as a new, restored material.

Our principle – the cleanest technology and the highest financial returns. There is nothing that cannot be recycled in order to serve humanity again. We kindly invite scientists, processing companies and suppliers of unsorted materials to cooperate with us. We would like to work together in new collaborative science and business projects in this field.

Let’s earn money by recycling technological waste.